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Residential Snow Removal Service in select areas of Denver, Aurora, and Centennial

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Absolute reliability. When it comes to clearing your snow on-time, every time, you can count on The Family Lawn to show up. We only shovel residential houses, which means quicker and more responsive snow removal than most commercial companies. So let us take over this winter and you can Spend your weekends with your Family, not your snow shovel!


  • GUARANTEED REMOVAL WITHIN 8 HOURS from the end of a snow storm
  • COMPLETE SIDE-TO-SIDE SHOVELING of your front porch, driveway and walkways
  • SEASON TERM from Oct. 15 to April 15
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS before, during, and after a storm
  • 3 TRIGGER LEVELS give you control over when we shovel
  • HASSLE-FREE, 24/7 MONITORING means you don’t need to call each morning, we come automatically


The trigger level you choose tells us how much snow needs to accumulate before you want us to shovel. If the snow doesn’t meet the depth you choose, we won’t shovel your home for that storm. Accumulations can vary, even from one side of the street to the other. Snow depth is determined by using an average of the homes in your area.

0 inch

We shovel everytime it snows

1 inch

We shovel almost every snow

2 inch

We only shovel heavier snows


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