Lawn Health Services

The Complete Lawn Plan

Our Fertilization and Weed Control services are performed by licensed technicians and will give you a greener, healthier, weed-free lawn, Guaranteed! We won’t load you up with more services than you actually need. Our plan includes just 6 applications per season which gives you the results you want while also being environmentally friendly. Treatments begin in March/April and are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. We control every type of weed and do not charge extra for crabgrass. We are very precise with our applications and our techs have a variety of fertilizers and weed control products to use depending on your lawn conditions. We always use the least amount of chemical possible when controlling weeds and prefer to spot-spray rather than spray your entire lawn. Everything we apply is safe for kids and pets. Our tech will leave a slip of paper on your door with an overview of the service and any instructions that you may need. Included in the plan: pre-emergent, micronutrients, Moisture Manager water-saver, slow-release fertilizers, iron, and weed control. We also inspect your lawn at each service for issues related to watering, insects, or disease. Insects or diseases are not controlled in this program and are additional. We guarantee results and will come out between visits if you should have a problem, completely FREE to you. 

The Natural Lawn Plan

The Natural Plan is similar to the Complete Plan, but only uses naturally-based fertilizers and has no weed control (no chemicals).

The Bed and Border Plan

This is weed control in non-turf areas such as rock beds, mulch beds, and sidewalk cracks. The plan includes 6 visits. Treatments begins in March and are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Some limitations apply.

Grub / Japanese Beetle Prevention

Japanese beetles, billbugs, and chafers all lay their eggs in late June/July. The eggs hatch into turf damaging white grubs which can feed on your lawn in the fall and again the following spring. Our prevention treatment is done before the adult beetles lay their eggs, preventing them from living in your lawn. If you have any grub problems in your lawn after our treatment, followup treatment will be absolutely free! Keep in mind, there is little that can be done about the adult beetles. Treatments for adults are short-lived and they tend to migrate from neighboring houses. The best defense is to prevent the adults from hatching. 

Lawn Overseeding

Premium grass seed for thickening existing turf. Includes 2 cubic feet of compost top covering for small bare areas. Note: this service is not intended to renovate large bare areas without any grass. We recommend to pair seeding with core aeration.

Lawn Aeration

Relieves soil compaction and allows water and nutrients to reach the roots.

Maintenance Services

Weekly Lawn Mowing

April 7 to October 19. Every mowing includes trimming, edging, trash pickup, and blow-off. We only use small mowers to avoid damage to your lawn or property. We use a string trimmer around trees, landscape beds, and any areas our mowers cannot reach. Edging is done with a steel bladed edger every two weeks. We mow in different directions each week and sharpen our mower blades daily. Depending on temperature, we set the mowing height between 2.5” and 3”, or we can set it to a height you prefer. Grass clippings will be sustainably mulched back into your lawn or bagged and hauled when the grass is long or wet. If you have specific instructions just let us know and we can add them to your service notes.

Weekly Dog Poop Scoop

Keep you lawn free of the mess. This service is available with or without mowing.

Spring Cleanups

Unless otherwise specified, a cleanup service includes an initial mowing and edging, cleanup and removal of all leaves, pine needles, and other lawn debris. We usually work in 2-man crews for a combined rate of $119.90 per hour ($59.95 per man). Hauling and disposal is included. Some limitations apply.

Fall Cleanups

Our Fall cleanups are performed in late October through early December. You can choose to have one big cleanup once all the leaves are down or two cleanups spaced out a few weeks. We’ll remove all leaves, pine needles, and other miscellaneous lawn debris. At your request, our teams can also cut back perennials or ornamental grasses in preparation for winter.

Sprinkler Blowout

Complete turn-off and winterization using pressurized air.
(sorry, we do not offer other sprinkler services such as turn-on, repairs, or installations.)